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Easy to use

Easy at a glance list useful for students tool kit, use it regularly with many students.

Great ideas

Thank you for creating this document! It’s so helpful to spark out of the box thinking.

Visual Cue Card Key Ring | Editable Visual Cards

I have found do these tools really helpful for my teens. Easy to navigate and helpful videos. Thank you so much for providing them.

Dollar Up Worksheet for Special Needs Students

This "Dollar Up" Worksheet is perfect for my 14 year old special needs student who has "Dollar Up" as a math learning objective on his IEP. I am so happy with this, as it has a reduced amount of problems and it has visuals to help special needs students succeed and access the curriculum. So happy with this!

Loved this Resource

Thank you so much for creating this fabulous resource. The checklist to see if you are ready to return will be a helpful addition to my calm space.

Self-Advocacy Toolkit
Natasha Edwards

Self-Advocacy Toolkit

Great resource

When you feel "stuck" this is a great go to for ideas!

Lee Ann Logsdon , Supports Broker

I send your information to the families I work with for their young adult children.

Holidays Toolkit
Maj Khader
very useful

the kits was highly informative!

So needed

Comprehensive and I use all the time


We had no idea what to expect around college - but this helps A LOT

Wish they taught this in school

Seriously! This was so helpful in getting ideas and to show other teachers at my school

Great ideas

So good to bring into my practice and share with families.

So helpful

Easy to print out and use! We used it for planning out monthly community outings and lunches

Great resource!

I used the visual schedule with a group of autistic girls. It was well received.

Mental Health Toolkit
Mchael Rumbach

Mental Health Toolkit

Good Template

Print it monthly and stick it up on my wall

Au-some toolkit!

I like the self-assessment on this toolkit and find it useful.

Great resoruce

I used this to help me create a simple budget and it was very helpful

Looks very interesting

I actually kind of got this by accident, I was testing out the free resources, and I ended up using the neurodivergent planner for myself but it looks like a really good resource.

Trying it out

I downloaded this to test it out and so far I'm liking it, thinking of getting the full version!

Very Interesting

I have been interested in having social media for advocacy reasons but have always found it super intimidating. I'm hoping this will help.


I was looking at this and decided to get it, hoping it would help with my really intense anxiety surrounding the holidays. I've come to hate them. At first, I was a little dubious but it looks very helpful, and I'm going to try and use it. Thanks!

Thank you

I'm super scared of driving and me and my uncle are going through this to see if we can help me to learn. I'm feeling a bit less intimidated and more optimistic!