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Self-Advocacy Toolkit
Kayleigh Rasnick

Self-Advocacy Toolkit

Executive Functioning Skills | Student Self-Assessment

100 Coping Strategies List
Courtney Crawford

100 Coping Strategies List

FREE Undated Digital Autistic / Neurodivergent Adult Planner | Landscape

FREE Undated Digital Autistic / Neurodivergent Adult Planner | Landscape

All the story pictures are the same

I would not have ordered the bundle if I knew the stories would be exactly the same except for 2 pictures. And the pictures are not good examples of the aggressive behavior.


Muy util y concreto para acompañar a mi hijo

Relevant Accurate Useful

The material covers all the subjects of interest for me
Have a great oeganisation and it's easy to read.
The assesment includes powerfull questions resulting in a good oportunity to reflect and think on the problem.
Despite of the local issues considered (i live in Argentina), there are many subjects of global concernings.
It's a ten

Executive Functioning Skills | Student Self-Assessment

Great resource

I am an elementary self contained classroom teacher for students with autism. I used mostly level 2 images (1 of 1, 2 of 3, 6 of 2)for coloring pages that are now displayed on my students’ lockers as part of the Autism Acceptance Month display at our school. I plan on purchasing other resources for future years displays.

Only to the people who are necessary for your growth. The world is still fill with a lot of prejudging which can hamper your optimal potential growth.

Hi Sonia,
In this particular decision tree, we do believe we have this type of question built in around trusting others at the workplace (3rd question). We do not ignore the prejudging and systemic biases and issues that are built into the workplace. Please let us know about anything specific we may have missed. Perhaps identifying allies is another type of decision tree or guide we can create.

Goal Banks for IEPS or Treatment planning

all of these goal banks are being used/adapted for a clinical setting. We tweak them a bit as needed so they are appropriate for therapy. They have been incredibly helpful for therapists who are collaborating with individuals and families to create neuro-affirming goals using a strengths based approach.

very helpful resource

my clients, who range in age from children to adults find this very useful.

I could't get it

I was not able to get the IEP goal bank

100 Coping Strategies

I love these so much and plan to use them with my high school special ed students!!!

Adult Services Toolkit
Larissa Lambertz

Adult Services Toolkit

Great visual recipe!

I am using this visual recipe for a meal prep class for kids with Down syndrome. Love the clear visuals and organization of the steps!! Wonderful product and I'll be buying more!

Life Skills IEP Goal Ideas Booklet

Community Skills IEP Goal Idea Bank

thank you:Useful!

Great guide to engage in meaningful conversations. Resource to facilitate conversations and generate ideas as we become aware of choices/options!!!

thank you:Useful!

Thank you for creating and sharing this resource. It provides a direction for intentional planning when generating a visual schedule.

Very helpful

I needed this, Thankyou!

Very helpful !

Very helpful for me, Thankyou for this!

Conversation Starter

I use the EF Skills self-assessment as a place to start a conversation, to ask my son, or a student I’m tutoring/coaching questions. In the hands of someone taking their time to study their student or loved one’s interests, this is a great starting place! I’m wondering if ultimately there could be links to where we go to get more information about the lines they click “YES” to?

I love this!

This resource is really great for my friends who are getting jobs. Showing them how to express their needs in positive ways is awesome and this is great for employers who are new to our friends.