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Lemon ice

Looks like an interesting recipe. Can't wait to try it.

Organization Board Game

This game is great! Well thought out and presented. It was easy to print and make up. My 5th grade executive functioning class enjoyed playing it a lot.

NE Free Download - Full Version Job Site Rubric | 10 Week / Quarter | Digital in Google Sheets

Very helpful

I have a client who is working on “adulting” tasks and this checklist was the perfect jumping off point. We were able to tailor it to his needs by editing the list

Excellent help and guidance

Thank you for giving consolidated information in one place!

Job Site Rubric

We are definitely excited to be able to transition to this new tool. Thank you!

Calm Down Visuals | Self-Regulation Walkthrough

Life Skills IEP Goal Ideas Booklet

vocational skills iep

Coping strategies


I love AGU visual recipes!

Thankyou for your visual recipes! I look forward to buying many more!!


It was exactly what I needed. Too often the visual schedules I find can seem overly childish and don’t include things that are needed. I was able to quickly and easily add my own specific ones as well

Back to School gorms

Forms I can utilize and will have vital information at my fingertips. Thank you

Independent Living Specialist

Very good....

It's pretty useful, but could be improved.

This is a very useful PDF for teaching (or simply reminding) Autistic adults about the right motivations for disclosing information to others at work. However, there are two minor problems with this chart.

First, this chart is visually complex. Pathways between responses can get very confusing to navigate through at a glance. There are looping paths that are difficult to follow without focusing intently. The colors can be confusing without a color key reference. This factor may discourage users frequently using this chart, which defeats the purpose.

Second, the language level used is a bit... too "awkwardly in-between" for a large amount of individuals who might want to use it?

On one hand, It's oversimplified for those with post-high school education. To this group, the language is rather vague (Some examples: "What exactly qualifies as nosiness and immaturity?", "What does 'it will just be different' refer to?", and "Must we refer to inconvenient coworkers as bad apples?") The oversimplification may feel as if it is "pandering downwards".

On the otherhand, Autistic high schoolers will probably be confused by at least one of the following terms: reservation, HR, or confidentiality. These terms are typically only learned after somebody has some level of work experience.

The language level used here is best suited to either a freshman in college or a high school graduate with some previous experience. This may not sound like a big deal to most allists, who commonly experience this stage in their lives, but the reality is that many on the spectrum either quickly skip past this stage during their education or simply never reach it in the first place. This seems like a massive oversight for a product designed specifically for Autistic adults.

For anyone who is curious about a solution, perhaps making 3 versions would solve the problem? There can be one for college graduates, the current one as a "catch all" between groups, and a simplified version. That would cover the majority of people looking to use this PDF!


Love these visual recipes

So helpful

Really easy to use, and so helpful with my son

Friendships Toolkit
Marilyn Duke
Such amazing tools

I am just getting to grips with each book, wow what amazing guides. My son is 20 now and there are gaps in his skills that these are going to help fill. So excited to work through them together. Thank you for these resources

Workplace Accommodations List

Free + Editable Visual Sequence Board for Life Skills

Friendships Toolkit
Benita Battiss

Friendships Toolkit

Very unique and helpful

5 stsrs

Self-Advocacy Toolkit
Kayleigh Rasnick

Self-Advocacy Toolkit

Executive Functioning Skills | Student Self-Assessment