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  • Group of student talking.
    May 13, 2024 Team AGU

    Breaking Down Misconceptions About Teaching Social Skills

    In this post, we tackle common misconceptions about teaching social skills to Autistic students. It highlights the diverse social needs, preferences, and experiences within the Autistic community and advocates for a more intentional, supportive approach across educational settings.
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  • Classroom of students raising their hands for an activity
    May 5, 2024 Team AGU

    Year Round Activities for Autism Acceptance

    In this post, we cover practical activities to integrate autism acceptance into daily school life and year-round, ensuring engagement and understanding is not confined to Autism Acceptance Month but is expected throughout the entire academic year.
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What is everyone saying?

Great resource for my social skills/social communication group!

Tricia R.

An amazing assignment with a range of different people with disabilities for my students with disabilities to learn from especially when it comes to self advocacy

Elizabeth D.

Great product...So glad to find a social story I can use as it is..thank you


Really helpful for my kids with behaviors!

Alexandra D.

This was a great way to start the day where students would determine what could be worn based on the weather

Kenyanti M.

I LOVE this resource! Everything is put together nicely and works well. Can't wait to 'take' my class to Disney World during our last days of school!

Samantha F.