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  • Close up on calculator and various coins and bills.
    June 17, 2024 Team AGU

    Teaching Money Concepts

    In this post, we cover ideas for teaching key money concepts to students, that give space to explore practical ways of using money, understand financial habits, and learn more about everyday transactions.
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  • Close up of hands holding up a notebook with the words "Financial Literacy" written on it.
    June 9, 2024 Team AGU

    What Does Financial Literacy Look Like?

    This post kicks off our financial literacy literacy series, where we will be talking about some of the building blocks of good personal financial habits and ways to approach the topic from a teacher or caregiver perspective. In this post, we are focusing on financial literacy and some of the broad topics one might wish to cover to develop it.
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  • Group of interested students gathered around one tablet
    June 2, 2024 Team AGU

    Prioritizing Social Experiences Over Rigid Training

    In this post, we explore how prioritizing real-world social experiences over rigid training can better support social skills, especially for Autistic and Allistic students to build connections, by providing safe spaces to navigate interactions and promote authentic social experiences.
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What is everyone saying?

Great resource for my social skills/social communication group!

Tricia R.

An amazing assignment with a range of different people with disabilities for my students with disabilities to learn from especially when it comes to self advocacy

Elizabeth D.

Great product...So glad to find a social story I can use as it is..thank you


Really helpful for my kids with behaviors!

Alexandra D.

This was a great way to start the day where students would determine what could be worn based on the weather

Kenyanti M.

I LOVE this resource! Everything is put together nicely and works well. Can't wait to 'take' my class to Disney World during our last days of school!

Samantha F.