Autism and growing up looks different for every autistic individual and their family

Although, across the spectrum we see the following challenges:

  • 80% of adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed.

  • The majority of autistic adults live at home with their parents and family members.

  • They also have the lowest levels of self-advocacy in comparison to their peers.

  • The search for resources, services, & answers online is overwhelming, confusing & difficult.


Our mission is to help you find what works for you by giving you an inside look at what’s really working for others. You get access to an open, honest dialogue about the unique ways to support autistic individuals today.

At Autism Grown Up, we produce a podcast that deep dives on how different autistic individuals, families, and professionals make it work. We also host a private network and facilitated groups so that you can connect with others in the community and discover what works for you.

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Find Out What’s Working for Autistic Adults Today

Check out our Autism Grown Up mini-course [in the Autism Grown Up Community] to learn how to navigate growing up with autism and steps to setting your child up for success in adulthood.


Meet Dr. Tara Regan

Dr. Tara Regan is the founder & host of Autism Grown Up. She’s a sibling to 2 autistic adult brothers and has been working in the autism community for over a decade. Whether on the podcast or in the online community, her goal is to facilitate the free flow of ideas, information, and inspiration between stakeholders.

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The Community

Learn what’s out there, what works for you, and how to make a difference for you, your family, and community.

The Podcast

Each week, we release a new episode consisting of a conversation or idea about selecting and easily using strategies supported by research that work at home, school, and in the community.

Work Together

Work with us to find & get the support you need at home or in your community.