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About Us

About Autism Grown Up

Our mission is to create and share resources and education to support autistic individuals & their support networks across the lifespan.

Who We Are

Autism Grown Up, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is entirely online. Our home base is in North Carolina, but all of our resources are available online so we are able to reach the autism community globally.

We create and provide resources for autistic people and all members of an autistic person’s support network, including family members, teachers, clinicians, therapists, professionals, peers, employers, and other important stakeholders. This is the crew that surrounds an autistic person as they grow up and navigate adulthood. We all don’t do it alone!

We primarily make low-cost resources for professionals and caregivers. This funding gets re-invested into make more resources like these and free resources for autistic adults (like the Lifespan Toolbox).

Vision Statement

We envision a world where autistic people are seen, heard, appreciated, and loved for who they are.

1) They are surrounded by a support network and can navigate a world that is accessible to them.

2) They can easily pursue meaningful lives where they can work, play, and live how they want to.

3) They can have friends, relationships, and live independently or have options of where to live that are safe, financially secure, and visible in communities.

4) They have supports through services to be financially secure, to plan for the future, and access to programming to meet their needs.


Our materials and tools are here for the autistic self-advocate, family member, professional, and stakeholder to use in their daily lives and plan ahead. We know that it takes a community to mobilize one person after another to make a significant change in policy, services, and expectations, and you can start here.

We're here to listen and support you. That's how all of these materials and tools were created. They are strengths-based - meaning we don't focus on autism as a deficit - and supportive of where you are.

We use identity-first language. Autistic people highly prefer this type of language use: autistic vs. person with autism. And we understand that not all people on the autism spectrum have this preference, so we will also differentiate as so on an individual basis.

Our community is intersectional. There are so many challenges in the world when you are an autistic, black, indigenous person of color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+, multiply disabled, mental health needs, female or non-binary. These also come into play for those who are self-diagnosed too. We recognize that we have many self-diagnosed autistic people, especially adults. Receiving a diagnosis can be a privileged process. We do not diagnose here, but offer resources for those of who are in this self-diagnosis area who may or may not be seeking an official diagnosis. 

AGU Board & Staff

Our non-profit organization is neurodiverse across all levels, from board leadership to staff members, writers, and collaborators.

meet the team

Tara Regan, PhD, MSW

Executive Director + Founder

April Kirby

Project Manager + Research Writer

Many neurodivergent writers!

On a project-to-project basis, we work with neurodivergent writers, researchers, and resource creators. We link their names in the materials they've created.

Board of directors + advisory board

Rory Regan

Board Chairman

Kelly Regan


Tyler Regan

Advisory Board Member

Tanner Regan

Advisory Board Member


Tara Regan, PhD, MSW


Dr. Regan is the oldest sister to 2 brothers on the autism spectrum and has been in the autism field for almost 15 years. She is an interdisciplinary professional drawing from her work in social work, special education, community-based services, and research to create person-centered teams and support networks around autistic people as they grow up.

Tara has worked in elementary to high schools, universities, recreational camp programs, community-based services, and day programs. She has also been an autism researcher and instructor working with future educators and professionals, community organizations, and schools. In 2018, after earning her PhD at UNC-Chapel Hill in the Applied Developmental Science and Special Education Program, she founded Autism Grown Up.