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Au-some toolkit!

I like the self-assessment on this toolkit and find it useful.

Great resoruce

I used this to help me create a simple budget and it was very helpful

Looks very interesting

I actually kind of got this by accident, I was testing out the free resources, and I ended up using the neurodivergent planner for myself but it looks like a really good resource.

Trying it out

I downloaded this to test it out and so far I'm liking it, thinking of getting the full version!

Very Interesting

I have been interested in having social media for advocacy reasons but have always found it super intimidating. I'm hoping this will help.


I was looking at this and decided to get it, hoping it would help with my really intense anxiety surrounding the holidays. I've come to hate them. At first, I was a little dubious but it looks very helpful, and I'm going to try and use it. Thanks!

Thank you

I'm super scared of driving and me and my uncle are going through this to see if we can help me to learn. I'm feeling a bit less intimidated and more optimistic!

Love it

as with all of your products, it's fantastic!

Great Info

Excited to be able to pass along such great info to the families I support!

Social skills Curriculum

the Curriculum very applicative

Great Products

This was a great resource for me to use with my students. I will be able to use it throughout my teaching years.

extremely helpful!!

Love the variety of daily activities that are included in this product.

Useful resource

I love all the resources I get from ASG-this resource was particularly helpful for those struggling with building a routine now that summer is here. The guide can be helpful with self-determination skills through working collaboratively to develop a schedule. Be sure to incorporate choices, special interests, and self-care/wellness activities!


NE Link - End of the Year Survey Bundle | Combined Student Snapshot Profile

Calm Down Visuals | Self-Regulation | Autism, Special Education

Personal Care Toolkit
Torrie Nguyen
Very In Depth

I am grateful to discover this resource. The toolkit is helpful and provides links to additional information. It is very in depth.


This task analysis made it easier for my students to understand exactly what the expectations were in order to complete it. They were motivated and enjoyed matching the pictures with the descriptions! Thanks!

Mental Health Toolkit
Cynthia Taulbee

Mental Health Toolkit


This was a great resource for my indepent living specialist and I, thanks!

Very helpful ideas

Social skills Curriculum

How I get the Social Skills Curriculum?

showering checklist

They look awesome - my only complaint is they are downloads - I would have rather paid more and gotten actual cards which I thought I was purchasing

Putting on Deodorant CHECKLIST / TASK ANALYSIS