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St. Patrick's Day - Life Skills Functional Vocabulary - Color by Code Worksheets

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This St. Patrick’s Day color by code resource is focused on functional and life skills vocabulary. There are up to 5 categories on each page: Hygiene, Cleaning, Cooking & Kitchen, Vocational/Job, and Community Signs.

These coloring pages are another way to encourage practice and discussion around vocabulary, identifying vocabulary, and sorting by categories.

Getting Started:
  • Review coping strategies with learners individually, in small groups, as a whole class.
  • Discuss the situations that learners may benefit from using coping skills.
  • Review the key for the coloring page
  • Students look at the color-coded picture and determine which color to use for each space by referring to the key on the top of the page.
  • Any spaces left blank can be filled in by the student’s choice of color!
  • There are multiple levels of coloring pages within this resource, you can differentiate for ease and difficulty by the number of colors for each page
  • You can encourage learners to use different shades of colors

Ideas for use: warm-up, morning meeting, transition activity, early finisher, small group, 1:1, whole class, as a craft.

You can email us at if you have any feedback, questions, and/or requests for resources.

What's Inside?

  • 10 coloring pages
  • 10 answer keys - coping skill answer keys for each page
  • Getting Started guide with differentiation suggestions and continued use

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