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Shaving My Face | Visual Sequence Cards

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Use these Shaving My Face Visual Sequence cards for hygiene and personal self care routines. It walks the learner or individual through the steps of shaving their face as a hygiene routine. 

Task analyses, checklists, and visual supports like these are an evidence-based teaching strategy & support for autistic individuals. Individuals can learn, practice, and use sequence cards as a visual reminder and reference.

Covers brushing hair and combing hair as their own sequences.

Objective: Individuals will use this visual support as they work on personal hygiene goals, daily living skills, and practice.


While you can use these cards in a variety of ways at home, some suggested uses are included below:
  • Teaching life skills & hygiene routines
  • Practicing routines
  • Focusing on a specific component of a routine
  • Reminders
  • Re-teaching and supporting certain skills
  • Building habits through routines
  • Daily routines
  • Person-centered plan goals
  • Community-based services

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What's Inside?

Resource Guide
  • About the Resource
  • Using the Resource
  • Resource Walkthrough

Printable Sequence Cards
  • 10 Manual Razor Visual Sequence Cards with real photos 
  • 12 Electric Razor Visual Sequence Cards with real photos

Digital + Editable Sequence Cards
  • Google Link + PowerPoint
  • Editable in the digital versions
  • 10 Manual Razor Visual Sequence Cards with real photos
  • 12 Electric Razor Visual Sequence Cards with real photos

Sequence Board
  • Printable Board (6 layouts)
  • Digital + Editable Board
  • Google Link + PowerPoint
  • 6 layouts

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