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We're having an Cyber Week Sale! Starting Monday save 25% on your total purchase! (MON 11/27 - FRI 12/1)

Mother's Day Cards | Differentiated Writing for Special Education

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This Mother's Day card resource is a fun-filled – yet also life skills + academic – activity for your special education classroom. It gives you and your students a chance to celebrate Mother's Day (and its alternatives for some students) and practice a life skill like writing cards and notes to others.

Although originally used and created for special education students, this resource is versatile and be used for students at any age who need additional support with writing, want their own type of cards to create, or you're just looking for a low prep Mother's Day activity.

Writing cards is a related life skill and way to give back that students enjoy. I know they also like giving their teachers some love this way! Our students usually don’t get the chance to craft their own cards or have access to resources that differentiate based on their interests and needs.

They get to practice writing and constructing sentences, as well as social skills in thinking about how they want to interact with the person who will be receiving the card.

Student creativity: The activity allows for lots of student creativity and can fill up any amount of time you need. There is space for students to write, draw, cut and paste pictures from magazines or online, as well as some Mother's Day-related clip art they can color in, cut out, and decorate their cards.

Differentiation options: this resource includes 3 options for your students to complete the activity: blank sections, lines, and dashed lines. There are 3 types of sentence starters: full page, short sentences, and cut-out options.

Ideas for use: warm-up, morning meeting, transition activity, early finisher, small group, 1:1, whole class, as a craft.

Teacher Manual
  • Resource Walkthrough
  • Printing Guidelines
  • Suggestions for Use and Differentiation

Sentence Starters (3 types)
  • Full page
  • Short sentences
  • Sentence cut-outs

Differentiated Writing Cards (3 types)
  • Blank sections
  • Lined sections
  • Dashed line sections

2 Card Styles
  • 4 per sheet
  • 2 per sheet

6 Card Covers

Art Cut-Outs

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