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Menu Math Worksheets | Valentine's Bakery | Subtraction

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Students can practice functional reading and math skills using bakery menus! This particular resource focuses on subtraction and subtracting bakery items from a menu from the amount of money you have. Also can be a fun theme related to an upcoming CBI or field trip to increase student engagement and interest.

The resource uses real photos, is differentiated, and includes a fill in your own menu and worksheets based on local bakeries in your area or what you find online to further generalize the skill!

Resource Guide
  • About the Resource
  • Using the Resource
  • Resource Walkthrough
Subtraction Worksheets
  • 42 worksheets
  • 5 levels (the last one being a fill in your own/use a real life bakery menu)
  • 6 problems per page
  • 10 pages per level for levels 1-4, 2 different pages for level 5
  • Visuals of the bakery items are a part of each addition problem set

Bakery Menus
  • 3 created menus
  • Whole numbers, decimals, closer to real life, and fill in your own/blank

Answer Key + Data Collection Sheet
  • For 4 levels, plus blank for the 5th level
  • Collect data across multiple data points as students work through the worksheets
You can use this resource in a multitude of ways:
  • Life skills math lessons
  • Small groups, centers/stations
  • 1:1 to independent work
  • In person to packets to send home
  • Warm-up, exit ticket, early finishers, morning work
  • IEP goals on financial literacy, money math, functional math, functional reading (reading menus and applying prices)

Can be used with students across support needs and abilities. We've included differentiated levels based on whole numbers to decimals as well as visuals to represent each bakery item.

We want to support you in creating a future-focused classroom where students are more prepared for life after high school. The resource supports students around independent living goals and life skills goals.

You can email us at if you have any feedback, questions, and/or requests for resources.

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