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End of Year Classroom Awards | EDITABLE

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Use these end of the year student awards to recognize your students and their successes this year, as well as celebrate the end of the school year. With these awards, you can praise each student for their growth, unique talents, and skills – academic, social, and life skills.

With every single one of these awards, each of your students will feel important and recognized for their accomplishments and who they are. What a fun way to wrap up the school year!
Fun bonus: Host an awards ceremony with your students!

Resource Guide
  • Resource Walkthrough
  • Printing Guidelines
  • Preparation

Student Awards – Printable PDF
  • 40 Student Awards
  • Available in Color
  • Available in Black and White
  • Quick and easy to print

Student Awards – Editable on Google Slides
  • 40 Student Awards
  • All Editable Titles and Images
  • 6 Blank Student Awards
  • Available in Color
  • Available in Black and White
  • Can download the PowerPoint version from Google Slides

  1. Standing Ovation
  2. WOW Factor
  3. Heart of Gold
  4. Class Leader
  5. Star on the Walk of Fame
  6. Best Friend to All
  7. Super Hero
  8. Tech Squad
  9. Brighten the Day
  10. Bring on the Cheer
  11. Class Comedian
  12. Future World Leader
  13. Bright Scientist
  14. Making a Difference
  15. Yes I Can!
  16. Innovative Thinker
  17. Take Action
  18. Jedi in Training
  19. Captain of the Ship
  20. The Great Entertainer
  21. When You Wish Upon a Star
  22. Shimmering Sparkler
  23. All-Star Athlete
  24. Multi-Talented
  25. Our MVP
  26. Class Spotlight
  27. Gold Star
  28. Scholar Supreme
  29. Above and Beyond
  30. Exceptional Explorer
  31. The Zookeeper
  32. Artist at Work
  33. Class Imagineer
  34. Stylist of the Stars
  35. Incredibly Independent
  36. Musical Maestro
  37. Community Ambassador
  38. Glorious Gamer
  39. Practice Makes Perfect
  40. No Team Without Me

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