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6 End of Year Activities

At a Glance

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and it's totally understandable that you have a lot of on your plate to wrap up the year.

These easy to use activities help students end the year with a blast.

We've also included some keepsake activities for students to create and bring home and remember the great school year they had with you. 

Are you looking for end of the school year ideas to end year on an awesome note? You may be looking for some inspiration, looking for a refresh, or something to add to your end of the school year routine.

These ideas are low prep, easy to implement, and ready to go with very little materials needed from your classroom. Especially helpful if you already have your classroom mostly packed up!

We've included a variety of activity ideas that your students will enjoy at any age - and are age-respectful if you have older high school-aged students. 

You can DIY this ideas for your classroom or use a version we've created - we've made sure to link everything below to make your planning as easy as possible! 

1. Lemon Ice Visual Recipe

Lemon Ice is an easy to create recipe - all you need is water, 5 lemons, and access to a stovetop and freezer!

You can use this visual recipe to wrap up the school year on a sweet (and sour - due to the lemons!) note!

Here are a few ways you and your students can use this visual recipe:

  • Practice cooking skills
  • Practice sequencing and comprehension of a recipe
  • Science experiment -> states of matter: watching liquid turn into ice in the freezer, and melt back into a liquid
  • Class craft - each student can make their own, take turns with stirring up the icy mixture while its in the freezer

2. Autograph Book

An autograph book is a fun keepsake that your students will love to bring home with them!

Not all students get a yearbook, so this is an all inclusive alternative.

If you have a self-contained classroom or an amazing classroom community this school year, it may also be fun to have a classroom-focused autograph book.

3. End of Year Memory Book

End of the Year Memory Books are also another keepsake students can bring home and have forever. Their parents and families will love this one too! Especially if they don't usually hear much from the student's perspective about the school year. 

Students can color in and write in as much as they'd like to about the school year. This memory book has multiple types of covers, multiple prompt pages, and options for students to cut and paste images.

4. End of Year Reflection Activity

This End of Year Reflection Activity is a bit of a more structured version of the Memory Book listed above. (In fact, this may be a helpful way to collect student answers so they can craft away in the Memory Book.)

With multiple choice options as well as spaces to write, all of your students can reflect and respond to these end of the year question prompts. 

Some of our favorite prompts to ask are: What I Learned This Year, What I'm Better At This Year, What I Want to Work On, and What I'm Looking Forward to This Summer and Next Year.

5. Movie Review

A Movie Review activity is an easy supplemental activity to tack onto watching any movie at any time of the year... but especially at the end of the school year!

My students love movie reviews and this is a fun way to engage your students in thinking critically about the movie they saw and answer comprehension questions in another format. 

My students' response to this activity? "Two Thumbs Up!"

6. End of Year Student Awards

No matter what grade you teach, our students love receiving an award at the end of the year - even in adult transition and day programs! 

It's another neat keepsake that they and their parents and families will treasure. And for some students, this award may be only big award they get to bring home to their families

I will say that it can be difficult to find awards that are age-respectful and translate across a wide variety of ages. Check out the image above for some inspiration and if you're looking for something already pre-made, check out our editable End of Year Student Awards.

We at Autism Grown Up hope you and your students had a good school year - and that you wrap up the school year with lots of joy, fun, and supportive reflection! 

We're hoping your next school year is filled with more support, resources, and recognition for the amazing work you do!

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