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Time Management Executive Functioning Game

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Practicing executive function can be fun with this Time Management Executive Function Game. Includes scenarios, ideas for strategies, and practice executive functioning skills! Play as a game with the included game board and question cards about time management.

How we target Time Management looks like: Identify challenges to getting started, develop routines to help with starting a task, break down how to get started with a difficult task, project, or activity.

Objective: Students will learn about and practice time management as an executive functioning skill through a hands-on game.


Can be used with students across upper elementary, middle, and early high school. Students who read, have skills at or close to grade-level, and need some executive functioning support and practice.


While you can use this game in a variety of ways at home, school, clinic, and in the community, some suggested uses are included below:
  • Teaching about time management as an executive function
  • Teaching about strategies, tools, and supports
  • Teaching and practicing self-advocacy
  • Reminders about strengths and needs
  • Re-teaching and supporting aspects of the executive function
  • Person-centered plan goals

We want to support you in creating a future-focused classroom where students are more prepared for life after high school, including executive functioning. The resource supports students around executive functioning needs, so they have more hands-on practice for school and in upcoming years.

You can email us at if you have any feedback, questions, and/or requests for resources.

What's Inside

Resource Guide
  • About the Resource
  • Resource Preparation
  • Resource Walkthrough
  • 40 Scenario Cards
  • 40 Event Cards
Game Board
  • Full Page with color-coordinated spaces to match the scenario and event cards.
Game Pieces
  • Spinner
  • 6 color pieces
  • Student directions
  • Answer Key for Scenario cards

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