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Putting on Deodorant Checklist

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Use this Putting on Deodorant Checklist for hygiene and personal self-care routines. It walks the learner or individual through the steps of putting on deodorant as a hygiene routine.

Task analyses, checklists, and visual supports like these are an evidence-based teaching strategy & support for autistic individuals across all ages.

Having a checklist with visual instructions like these can help with providing clear expectations of what to do for this task. You can post this checklist in the bathroom next to the sink as a helpful reminder for the learner.

This is also a helpful resource for parents, caregivers, teachers, and professionals looking for ways to support daily living, independent living, and personal care goals. Teachers and professionals can include this resource in their toolkit to pass along to parents and families who want to work on this personal care + life skill.


While you can use these cards in a variety of ways at home, some suggested uses are included below:

  • Teaching life skills & hygiene routines
  • Practicing routines
  • Focusing on a specific component of a routine
  • Reminders
  • Re-teaching and supporting certain skills
  • Building habits through routines
  • Daily routines
  • Person-centered plan goals
  • Community-based services

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What's Inside?

Resource Guide
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  • Resource Walkthrough

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Digital + Editable Checklists
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  • Visual Checklist
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Putting on Deodorant CHECKLIST / TASK ANALYSIS