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Physical Aggression Social Story Bundle

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Use this editable 8 social story collection about common physically aggressive behaviors to support students and individuals to prevent hurting others.

Each social story walks through:
  • Why hurting others is harmful for both the individual and others
  • Acknowledging the individual's strong and big emotions
  • Building self-awareness of feelings (which are difficult for Autistic and neurodivergent students!)
  • How they can share what they need/want to do in the moment
  • Providing a visual choice board of what to do next instead of hurting others
  • How this choice can be more helpful in the long run for them to share what they need, whether it is related to sensory, self-regulation, etc.
  • Provide the "Why" the physically aggressive behavior is not okay and some of the harmful natural consequences

Individuals can refer to this social story booklet for information, continued choices, reminders, and as a reference point. Written from the perspective of the individual, centered on their experience, and supports understanding.

What Social Stories Are Included?
  1. Yelling at Others Social Story
  2. Pushing Others Social Story
  3. Scratching Others Social Story
  4. Pinching Others Social Story
  5. Kicking Others Social Story
  6. Hurting Others Social Story
  7. Biting Others Social Story
  8. Hitting Others Social Story

What's Inside Each Resource?

Resource Guide
  • About the Resource
  • Using the Resource
  • Resource Walkthrough

Printable Social Story Booklet
  • Social Story Booklet PDF
  • 12 pages
  • Blank Choice Board

Digital + Editable Social Story Booklet
  • Google Slides Link + PowerPoint
  • Editable in the digital versions
  • Social Story Booklet PDF
  • 12 pages

Suggested Uses

While you can use this social story in a variety of ways at home, at school, and other community locations, some suggested uses are included below:

  • Teaching about hurting others
  • Explaining why hurting others is harmful and what to do instead to move forward
  • Visual reminders of what the student can do (they can use this booklet! and the choice board inside)
  • Planning out how they want to be proactive and decide what to do in the moment
  • Place in a self-regulation station or calm down corner

You can email us at if you have any feedback, questions, and/or requests for resources.

Customer Reviews

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All the story pictures are the same

I would not have ordered the bundle if I knew the stories would be exactly the same except for 2 pictures. And the pictures are not good examples of the aggressive behavior.

Hi DJ, we really appreciate your feedback and apologize for the inconvenience and your disappointment. Since originally publishing this collection, we have updated it from our own use and feedback from other educators.

As of today, we have updated the resource listing with our new designs and revised social stories. You will see different pictures, but similar text here and there to ensure consistency in language for students because not all students will require the exact same social stories. For example, using coping strategies and how we want to make a different choice than that particular behavior. If you would like to discuss further and share additional feedback, feel free to email us at You can go to your download page and redownload the collection. We will also follow up with an email with a direct link!