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I Can Ask for a Break Social Story | ONE-PAGER | EDITABLE

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This social story - I Can Ask for a Break - addresses what to do when you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, upset, or frustrated and what to do next.

Includes strategies to be proactive, learn and practice coping skills, and self-advocacy.

Who needs another task to add to their workload? Not you! It can take a lot of extra time to have to create your own social story every time you need one for your student, but we take out the guesswork and save you a lot of time with this social story. And if you need to make adjustment to this social story, you totally can! It's EDITABLE!

The social stories from Autism Grown Up specifically focus on the learner experience, and how they can meet their goals.

  • PDF with real photos
  • Digital version that is EDITABLE in Google Slides
  • Instructions on recommended use, printing, & prep
  • Make Your Social Story Pop Planning Form - guidance for individualization

We know that it can be impossible to find a one size fits all strategy, so this social story is editable, so you can customize it (add your learner's name, change a picture, and the why).

Written from student perspective using positive language (what do we want the learner to feel empowered to do?!) - moving away from what we see as the challenging behavior.

This employs a strengths-based approach as well, meaning that we center on how a resource like this can support the learning instead of honing in what they are doing wrong

Social stories can be used at any age. Real photos are age-appropriate for all ages!

Social stories can be used for learners across the spectrum and support needs because our social stories can be differentiated. This social story can be used for learners with varying reading levels (emergent and conventional). We use a combination of real photos and shorter sentences – which also help older students who read at grade level. Depending on the individual, when they are in an escalated state, it’s less pressure to process clear, simple input.

You can email us at if you have any feedback, questions, and/or requests for resources.

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