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Hygiene Items | Identify Task Cards | Special Education

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These life skills task cards focus on personal hygiene items. Includes real photos and data collection sheets. This particular set targets identifying hygiene items. This resource provides an easy way to teach and review common hygiene and personal care vocabulary that you can use across multiple settings, activities, and ages with age-respectful photos.

Ideas for Use:
While you can use this game in a variety of ways at home, school, clinic, and in the community, some suggested uses are included below:
  • Introduction to personal hygiene items
  • Review and practice identifying personal hygiene items
  • Life skills lessons
  • 1:1, small group, whole classwork on life skills
  • Before working on a cooking lesson
  • Supporting IEP goals related to life skills
  • Centers, stations, task box/task card/file folder work

What's Inside:
Resource Guide
  • About the Resource
  • Using the Resource
  • Resource Walkthrough

Print Task Card Version
  • Ready to print PDF
  • Task cards with real photos
  • 4 covers – easy to divide into up to 4 sets (4 sets of 10 cards each session)
  • 40 Text to Picture
  • 40 Picture to Text
  • 40 Open Response

Recording Sheets
  • Ready to print PDF
  • Answer Key
  • Recording Sheet
  • Data Collection Across Multiple Data Points

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