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Feelings Check-In

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Use this Feelings Check-In as a journal, visual support, check-in, and/or space to discuss emotions and practice self-regulation. Learning about and identifying feelings is foundational to self-regulation and self-advocacy for Autistic students, broadly neurodivergent students, and any student who can benefit from breaking down the steps to self-regulation.

Objective: Individuals will use this check-in as they work on building self-awareness, identifying, and sharing their feelings and emotions as they arise.

What's Inside?

Resource Guide

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Full Page Worksheets
  • 3 versions: 1) open-ended, 2) word bank of feelings, 3) icons of feelings with labels

    Suggested Uses:

    While you can use these cards in a variety of ways at home, in the classroom, and community, some suggested uses are included below:
    • Daily routines
    • Daily and multiple check-ins
    • Emotions and feelings lessons, activities, and practice
    • Identify how similar/different the individual shows these emotions
    • Communication throughout the day
    • Self-awareness support and self-advocacy around sharing emotions
    • IEP goals to aid students in learning about their emotions and matching with self-regulation
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