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Dollar Up Worksheet | Grocery Items Under $10 | Money Math | Digital & Printable

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Do you need a quick and easy way to teach and practice dollar-up rounding for your life skills and money math lesson?

In this money math worksheet, you can teach how to round up to the nearest dollar using the dollar up method.

This activity is a great pairing with IEP goals for special education students learning life skills and money management skills.

This reusable activity was made for special education students with disabilities (autism, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, and more), and can be used for students in elementary, middle, or high school. Including ELL students and students with EBD.

How It Works

  • This is a 10 question worksheet with REAL photos of items at the grocery store.
  • The worksheet is 2 pages.
  • This activity can be used for in person, virtual, remote, or distance learning classes and lessons.
  • Can be used for independent work, small group, or whole class lessons to teach rounding up.
  • All items cost less than $10.00 on the worksheet.

What's Inside:

You will receive 3 versions of the same worksheet in one PDF file:

  • Link to DIGITAL Google Slides™️ Worksheet (2 pages)
  • Color Printable Worksheet (2 pages)
  • Black & White Printable Worksheet (2 pages)
  • Student Instructions
  • Suggestions on Digital Use (Reset & Reuse)

Customer Reviews

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Dollar Up Worksheet for Special Needs Students

This "Dollar Up" Worksheet is perfect for my 14 year old special needs student who has "Dollar Up" as a math learning objective on his IEP. I am so happy with this, as it has a reduced amount of problems and it has visuals to help special needs students succeed and access the curriculum. So happy with this!