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Conflict Resolution | Social Skills Activities | Scenario Task Cards

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In this social skills activity, students learn and practice conflict resolution as a social skill. Each task card has a conflict resolution scenario that students discuss and reason through.

Who will benefit?
  • The social skill scenario task cards are designed for students at higher elementary, middle, and high school to support engagement and opportunities with social skills.
  • Some students need more specialized support with their social skills, and these task cards can help them with continued instruction and practice.
  • All learners can benefit from focusing on their social skills – including neurotypical students and how they interact with their neurodivergent classmates.

What's Inside?
  • All Printable PDFs
  • Definition Poster / Handout
  • 24 Cards
  • Color version
  • Black / White Version
  • Reflection + Discussion Sheets (3 versions)

How Do We Focus on Social Skills?
Social skills are an umbrella of skills that we all use daily. They include boundaries, empathy, conflict resolution, and asking for help. Social skills are useful for academics as well as of course life skills. Kids through adults can all benefit from thinking about their social skill goals to navigate their daily lives and be successful in reaching their overarching goals.

Focus on self-advocacy and building upon strengths:
These task cards build upon a self-advocacy and strengths-based framework. If someone is struggling with a component of social skills, these task cards walk a learner through the tools they have as a self-advocate. The task cards cover applied social skills that students may encounter in their own lives, and as they navigate a scenario, they also practice problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution – all concepts that will support their self-advocacy and self-determination.

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