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Autistic Leaders Coloring Pages | Autism Acceptance Month

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When it comes to autism, especially around April and Autism Acceptance Month, it can very difficult to find resources that show influential people on the autism spectrum.

This pack is all about the autistic people who are leaders in making a difference in autism, their field, and seek representation for autistic people.

This is a great way for your autistic and neurodivergent students to see people who are like them and are successful in pursuing their goals and dreams - all in the space of your classroom or office.

Of course, this is also a great way for peers, neurodiverse and neurotypical to see more people on the autism spectrum - just another way to promote autism acceptance in April and year-round.

You can email us at if you have any feedback, questions, and/or requests for resources.
Ideas for use:
  • Bulletin board
  • Arts and crafts activity
  • Posters around the classroom/school
  • Paired with a neurodiversity/autism acceptance/disability awareness lesson and activity
  • Autism Acceptance month
  • Transition activity, warm-up, for early finishers
  • 1:1, small group, independent work, whole class

What's Inside?

10 influential autistic people:
  1. Temple Grandin
  2. Kayla Cromer
  3. Ari Ne'eman
  4. Matthew Rushin
  5. Stephen Shore
  6. John Elder Robison
  7. Tyla Grant
  8. Jessica Benham
  9. Hannah Gadsby
  10. Greta Thunberg

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