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Power Card Template | Social Narrative

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This power card resource is another type of social story or social narrative you can use to teach and support students across a wide range of activities and skills. Just teach the skill and walk through the power card with your student and they have a portable social story in hand! Power cards are a type of social narrative, which is an evidence-based practice for autistic learners. Given the visuals and structure of power cards, they can also extremely beneficial for other students, neurodivergent, neurotypical, etc.
Power cards rely on 3 components: the student’s interest/character, walkthrough of a situation that tends to be vague and gray, and where they may need a script or guidelines to navigate the situation. 
Using a character or interest can help frame the situation through another lens - that the individual isn’t alone and that their favorite person/thing goes through it too. It can be very validating! And then the card lets the individual know that they have someone there on their side.

Our resources are made with images that support learners across elementary to high school and into adulthood. Students of any age can use this particular resource while still finding it age-respectful. Use with students across a wide variety of support needs. Make sure to write to match the learner’s processing level or use more images. To make the support not as obvious, which some older students care about, we have the smaller, pocket-sized versions.

Use these power cards across activities and settings as necessary. This will help generalize the targeted skills and interactions. You can address a number of situations, activities, and skills with power cards. If the learner has questions around social situations and experiences, questions around self-advocacy and self-regulation, and if you are looking for a proactive strategy around challenging behavior.

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Resource Guide
  • About the Resource
  • Using the Resource
  • Resource Walkthrough

Power Card Template – in Google Slides + PowerPoint
  • 3 sizes (full page, half page, quarter page)
  • Written examples with images (scenarios + rules; only rules)
  • Full page scenario + rules/suggestions
  • Half page scenario + rules/suggestions
  • 2 version of Quarter page rules/suggestions


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