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Postsecondary Education Options Toolkit

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Ever wonder what postsecondary education options are actually out there? Did you know that there's more than college or .... community college?

 In this toolkit, we'll cover a wide range of postsecondary education options (11 to be exact!), what to look for in determining what may be a good fit for you / your loved one / your student(s).

When we talk about postsecondary education options, the reality can look different for everyone based on needs, where they live, resources available, personal goals, and more. Yet all too often autistic students are put into boxes based on a particular skillset, level of academic achievement, or agreement by the student’s IEP team.

In this toolkit, we cover/include:
  • Common Needs from Autistic Students for Postsecondary Education Options
  • What to Look For In an Postsecondary Education Option
  • Self-Assessment of your goals
  • 11 Postsecondary Education Options descriptions
  • Deep Dive of all of the options
  • Supports to Look Out For
  • Identifying Your Next Steps

Who Is This For?

This toolkit is for all members of the autism community to get on the same page around a specific topic. 

In whatever role(s) you occupy, you can use this guide to support your knowledge on the topic, share information with others in your support networks, and use this guide in discussions about locating appropriate resources.

Each individual is in a different place and can benefit from learning about ideas and ways to support or seek support. 

About the Lifespan Toolbox

The Lifespan Toolbox is a collection of toolkits for everyone in the autism community from self-advocates, family members, professionals, and other members of the community to get on the same page about autism and lifespan.

We span topics all over the lifespan, specifically thinking about the adulthood years (the longest span of our lives!) and how we can all work together to support the autistic person/people in our lives and community. 

Research and reported experiences from autistic individuals show a need to receive individualized support regarding life skills and to be connected with others. That’s where the Lifespan Toolbox comes in!

New Releases

  • We have a growing library of toolkits and are adding to it on a biweekly basis. There are numerous topics to cover here!

Up to Date Resources

  • Isn’t it frustrating to finally find a resource and discover that it’s from 2011? We keep ours updated with news, research, and feedback from the ASD community.


  • Each toolkit page has an interactive webpage with active links and videos. You can also download the PDF which has ample space for taking notes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Agustina Turco

    Muy util y concreto para acompañar a mi hijo

    Marian Teves
    Relevant Accurate Useful

    The material covers all the subjects of interest for me
    Have a great oeganisation and it's easy to read.
    The assesment includes powerfull questions resulting in a good oportunity to reflect and think on the problem.
    Despite of the local issues considered (i live in Argentina), there are many subjects of global concernings.
    It's a ten

    Sarah W.
    thank you:Useful!

    Great guide to engage in meaningful conversations. Resource to facilitate conversations and generate ideas as we become aware of choices/options!!!