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Multiple Week Job Site Rubric

Home Page

The homepage (🏠 ) is the homebase of this Google Sheet. 


Click a button an it will lead you to the designated tab  on the Job Site Google Sheet.

Especially helpful for longer versions of Job Site forms (e.g., the Semester/20 week and Year-Round/40 week forms).

Homepage - Links by Tara Regan

Student Info

Type in your student's information on the homepage. You'll see it reflected in all of the job site observation pages.


As you collect data each week, you'll see this information represented on the Dashboard. You can get the big picture view of student progress each week, across tasks, and across the span of time (e.g., quarter, semester, year).

Note that for individual tasks, there is a drop-down menu that you can click through.

Dashboard by Tara Regan

Task List

Enter all of the student's tasks on the Task List page. Use your task analysis and checklists to break tasks down into measurable pieces. 

We have included space for up to 20 tasks.

Task List by Tara Regan

Weekly Forms

Student information from the Homepage and the Task List will populate every weekly observation form. All you have to type in each week is the date and target score (if that changes).

As you observe the student on the job site, check off how the student is completing each task. We have broken down the stages of progress based on level of learning, independence, and completion.

As you check off each box, the form automatically calculates the day's total and provides the student's score.

Weekly Form by Tara Regan

Checking Multiple Checkboxes

If for some reason, another box gets checked on the same row, the form will automatically go with the most recent check box filled.

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