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Would You Rather | Vocational Preferences Activity

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This Vocational Would You Rather resource promotes interactions and discussions with students in small group to whole class settings around career exploration and vocational skills.

It includes a number of ways to increase student engagement, starting with the question itself (questions that are fun to talk about, opinion-related, and help students get to know each other too!), reflection worksheets, and visuals.

Our students have so many interests, strengths, and things they want to talk about – this resource helps give students a platform and structure to share what they like and don’t like.

Sometimes our students don’t have the space to express themselves in this manner or don’t feel like they can share a “no”, something negative, that there are no wrong answers, or what they don’t like. This can help increase their comfort with saying no, sharing their opinions, and even getting to know their own preferences -> which will be key later on into high school and adulthood!

Ideas for use: warm-up, morning meeting, transition activity, early finisher, small group, 1:1, whole class, and of course, life skills lessons, use as an informal interest inventory to inform the individualized transition plan (ITP) and IEP.

Across ages and support needs: Can be used with middle and high school students across ages, support needs, and abilities. We’ve included visuals for students who need more support as well as differentiated reflection worksheets.
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What's Inside

Resource Guide
  • Resource Walkthrough
  • Preparation Guidelines
Vocational Would You Rather (WYR) PDF
  • 70 questions
  • Can be used as a poster, anchor chart, interactive PDF (tally student votes), or slides for the board
Vocational WYR Slides in PPT + Google Slides
  • 70 questions
  • Slides for a smart board, student tech devices, display on white board, etc.
Tracking Sheet
  • For teachers / students to keep track of student answers & interests
  • Slides and pages are all numbered
Student Reflection Worksheets
  • Differentiated worksheets (4 versions) for students to respond to questions, reflect, and add to discussions
Student Response Visuals
  • Variety of versions of visuals to keep students engaged and support their answer choices

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