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We're having a February Sale! Use the promo code FORYOU23 at checkout and save 25% on your total purchase! (TUES 3/28-WED 3/29)
We're having a February Sale! Use the promo code FORYOU23 at checkout and save 25% on your total purchase! (TUES 3/28-WED 3/29)


Virtual Field Trip to Disney World®️

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Let's go on a field trip! In this Virtual Field Trip, students visit Walt Disney World®️ to learn about the history, landmarks, and geography of its 4 famous parks in Orlando, Florida.

Great for any age, for anyone who would be excited to go to Disney World if given the chance! Being at Disney isn't always accessible for a number of reasons, but virtual field trips give you the chance to try it out from home! We've also even used this field trip as a prep activity before going to Disney World.

This virtual field trip is multimedia and interactive trip using embedded videos, Google Earth, images, and more!

On our field trip, we get to integrate a variety of skills: Complete reading assignments, using maps, and completing activities like image sorts. As well as reading comprehension, writing, multimedia, and other skills.

*Please note: This resource includes YouTube videos, so ensure you and your students have access to YouTube before purchasing. This resource uses links to third-party content that may be changed or removed by the content owner. Links are reviewed regularly; however, if you find a broken link, please let me know so I can update the resource accordingly.



  • Google Slides Format - This interactive format is perfect for distance and at-home learning. Slides are interactive and can be used as a fun and engaging exercise within the classroom or remotely.
  • Virtual Video Tours - Video tours of various famous landmarks and tourist attractions.
  • Reading Comprehension Integration - Integrates key reading skills like compare & contrast, multimedia, multiple sources, and more. Differentiated lexile reading levels for answering reading comprehension questions.


What's Included?

  1. Virtual Tour Guide
  2. Audio-Guided Tour
  3. Field Trip Interactive Map
  4. Disney Park Passport
  5. Magic Kingdom
  6. Epcot
  7. Hollywood Studios
  8. Animal Kingdom
  9. Fireworks Finale

This resource is suitable for any grade level and can also be used as an independent choice or break activity. 

Time to Complete:

This virtual field trip takes approximately 1 hour to 2 hours to complete. The time it takes to complete can vary based on your students. It can be completed across the course of the day -- dedicating a day to Disney World fun -- or broken up into multiple sessions.

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