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Paraprofessional Binder for Special Education

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This editable Paraprofessional Binder helps the paraprofessionals in your classroom to stay organized and keep track of information about your students and classroom. Your paraprofessionals are always on the go and need something easy to find and refer to.

This binder includes a number of sections that are commonly referred to and used by paraprofessionals to better understand their role, support students, and navigate your classroom.

Across Ages and Support Needs:
Can be used by paraprofessionals who work with elementary to high school students across ages, support needs, and abilities. We’ve included sections that are relevant across all of these settings.

Promoting Neurodiversity + Future-Focused Work:
We’ve incorporated sections on trainings and resources so paraprofessionals can stay informed and learn more about disabilities and how to better support the students they’re working with (e.g., supporting self-advocacy and self-regulation).

For example: The prompting hierarchy handout shows a more neurodivergent-friendly framing of prompting – where the most invasive is more verbal and physical – with physical not being an option on a day-to-day basis, except for safety concerns.

What's Inside

Resource Guide
  • Resource Walkthrough
  • Preparation Guidelines
  • Google Slides Link

Printable Folder
  • Para Binder Dividers – Printable (30 dividers + Table of Contents)
  • Para Binder Contents – Printable (24 pages)

Editable Folder
  • Para Binder Cover – Editable (20 types of covers)
  • Para Binder Spines – Editable (4 different types of sizes)
  • Para Binder Dividers – Editable (30 dividers + Table of Contents + editable divider pages)
  • Para Binder Contents – Editable (56 editable pages)

In Google Slides – Para Binder Contents - Editable

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