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Level Up Cookbook: Everyday Meals | Digital Cookbook

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Ever wished that recipes were more visual and broke steps down more? 🙋🏻‍♀️

All learners can benefit from visual recipe instructions! Use for teaching and practice as well as everyday use.

We made this digital cookbook after creating some fun holiday themed visual recipes and getting messages from people saying they wished they had visual recipes for more everyday cooking. That got us thinking - visual recipes for everyday meals sounds like a great idea, but how can we serve people who might be starting completely from scratch and people who want to build on their existing cooking experience? That’s where the Level Up part comes in! For all our staples we include different levels of complexity. 

What are the levels?

A Level 1 dish is a great place for any beginner to start and often focuses on ingredients that are partially prepared for maximum speed and simplicity.

Level 2 dishes are mostly homemade but kept as simple as possible - if you are comfortable preparing frozen meals and want to take the next step this is a great place to start.

Level 3 dishes are completely from scratch with few exceptions and can be more time consuming but are absolutely attainable. While we formatted the recipes in a way we felt would be helpful to follow along, feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content! If you like the way Level 1 spaghetti tastes but you also want to take the time to make Level 3 sauce then you’re already thinking like a home cook!

What recipes are included?

30 recipes are included and cover a variety of foods.


  • Microwave Rice
  • Stovetop White Rice
  • Brown Rice


  • Boxed Frozen chicken Nuggets
  • Oven Baked BBQ Chicken Thighs
  • Oven-roasted Whole chicken
  • Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”


  • Oven Baked Frozen Fries
  • Baked Potato
  • Oven Roasties


  • Frozen Yeasted Dinner Rolls
  • French Bread in a Can
  • No Knead Homemade from Scratch


  • Frozen Pancakes
  • Box Mix Pancakes
  • Homemade From Scratch Pancakes

🍴Hot Dogs

  • Skillet Boiled Hot Dogs
  • Griddle Style Hot Dog and Buns
  • Chicago Style Hot Dog


  • Frozen Hamburger
  • Griddle Style Hamburgers with Preformed Patties
  • Slider Style Burgers Made from Ground Beef


  • Lazy Sunday Set and Forget Pasta
  • Standard Pasta Recipe
  • Pasta with Spaghetti Sauce


  • Simple Garden Salad
  • Steamed Green Beans
  • Sauteed Asparagus

Can I try a recipe first?

Absolutely, we've pulled out some really great recipes that help you get a taste of the cookbook across the different levels:

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