Episode 09 | When I Realized My Community's Limits in Autism Awareness


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In this episode:

Today it's story time. I share a recent experience my family and I had in my local community, specifically in response to my brothers who are adults on the autism spectrum.

In comparison to other experiences that we (and others' of course) have had, it's nowhere near how disappointing and devastating community's reactions can be to those on the autism spectrum. But it's still eye-opening and worth sharing, especially with it being April and Autism Awareness Month. 

We still have a long way to go with awareness, understanding, and acceptance. But I think we'll get there through conversations and continued experiences out in the community. 

From here, I'm curious in what ways you have handled, managed, and/or navigated such negative experiences in your community? Let me know - you can send me an email at hello@autismgrownup.com or find me online and send me a message. 

In terms of action steps, stay tuned for Thursday, where I share ways we can shift from Autism Awareness (and increase it of course) to acceptance.

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