Join the conversation. We’re a network of autism siblings talking candidly about the ins & outs of being an autism sibling today. 

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The Autism Sibling Network connects autism siblings across the spectrum and all over to get real about what’s working – and what’s not.

We trade notes on day-to-day strategies, resources, adult services, job prep, and independent living. We share what’s happening behind the scenes and talk honestly about the ups & downs.

When you join us, you get access to honest, ongoing discussions about the inner workings of being a sibling/advocate/caregiver.

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Collaborative Learning

We’re a community of experience–not gurus. Our goal is to learn together.

We host community roundtables, flash get-togethers, and virtual conferences to encourage conversation and invite new ideas into our space.

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Dedicated Conversation Space

The Autism Sibling Network is a private space, just for autism siblings, online. It’s a distraction-free home for all your conversations.

Sure, there’s some watercooler conversation (we like to have fun, too!).


Intentional Connections

We love to watch how our members connect. We’ve seen alliances formed, joint ventures launched, and friendships forged.

Our members host book clubs, make virtual coffee dates, and meet up in their local areas.




Our membership is a mix of autism siblings, older and younger to their brother/sister on the spectrum, with the majority being adults.

Some of our members live with their siblings. Some work in a related field as a professional.

One of the strengths of our network is the diversity of experience and perspective you can draw on whenever you want support.

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Our members talk about the real-life experiences of being an autism sibling. There’s just no time to stay in our bubbles.

Our policy is that every voice matters. We believe we all have something to contribute: a question, a fresh point of view, or a different way to do things.

We generously share our experiences, our expertise, and our screw ups so that everyone can learn together.



The Autism Sibling Network is so much more than a Facebook group or online forum.

When you’re a member, you receive:

  • Access to our dedicated online conversation space so you can talk about what’s working–and what’s not–with other autism siblings

  • Live virtual events–like community roundtables and virtual conferences–so you can discover new ideas and enhance your skills while connecting with other autism siblings

  • Monthly Sibling Network Insider Hours with Dr. Tara Regan so you can ask about what’s on your mind from resources in your community, trends you’ve noticed, or what’s working for us

  • Concierge support from the Autism Grown Up team because you’re never just a number in this network

  • Priority access to facilitated meet-up groups and retreats

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The Autism Sibling Network is where autism siblings like you talk shop.


The Network isn’t for everyone–but it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’re a perfect fit for our community (and get the most from joining us) if you meet these criteria:

  • You’re an autism sibling (half sibling, step-sibling, older, younger, etc.)

  • You’re in a caregiving role for your autistic sibling and want to support them to be successful

  • You’re looking to connect with other autism siblings who have similar and diverse perspectives

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Your Investment

Membership at the Autism Sibling Network is $19.99 per month (cancel anytime) or $199.99 per year.

Either plan gets you access to all of our member benefits. The annual plan will save you almost $40 per year and ensure you have people to turn to throughout the year.

Our Guarantee

We know the Autism Sibling Network is full of amazing autism siblings who share generously and honestly about their experiences. But we know you don’t know that.

Give The Network a try for 30 days and if you aren’t blown away by the people you meet, the conversations we invite you to, and the quality of responses to what you share, we’ll happily refund your membership fee.


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Is the Autism Sibling Network just a community?

We get that there are so many free Facebook groups and other spaces online with courses and workshops.

But these are far and few between and rarely focus on keeping up with the needs of autism siblings.

A membership at the Autism Sibling Network has you covered. Our goals are 1) to provide a space that starts with autism siblings, and 2) to support autism siblings with ideas, information, and inspiration.

What are people talking about inside the Autism Sibling Network?

We talk about all things #autismsiblinglife. That includes growing up with an autistic sibling, sibling relationships, services in the community, advocacy, self-advocacy figuring out life plans with your family, being a caregiver and more.

One of the best parts about the Autism Sibling Network is that we start with you, the sibling. We’re here to meet you where you are and support you along the way. The Networks is a safe place to talk about you and your autistic sibling (it’s all confidential and stays there). 


It’s Time To Get Connected

Meet our members, join the conversation, and get candid about what’s working (or not). Cancel anytime.

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