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Your Starter Guide to Adulthood
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Your Starter Guide to Adulthood

This is a Starter Guide for learning what you need to know when it comes to autism in adulthood.

As a busy caregiver, it is always a struggle for me and my family to focus on planning and prepping for adulthood with my brothers. When we started transition planning, we had such a hard time finding resources. I couldn’t figure out strategies that were helpful, easy to put into place, and that we knew would turn out helpful for us. That’s how and why this starter guide was created.

This is a collection of best practices that are supported by research and applied in real life that I have tried, tested, and adjusted for the best results. Each of the seven sections of this e-book are full of helpful information as it relates to you and your child’s rights, pack a ton of strategies, and contain ideas for individualization that are best for you and your family.