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Why Work-Based Learning Experiences Are Important for Youth with Autism

Work-based learning experiences are a significant predictor of success in adulthood, according to research focused on the transition to adulthood for students with disabilities. We’ll share what exactly work-based learning experiences are, why they’re important (especially in high school and college), and what you can do next.

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Why Soft Skills Are Important for Youth with Autism to Learn

A major issue adults on the autism spectrum face after becoming employed is staying employed. One of the contributing factors it maintaining employment is soft skills, which is an area that many on the autism spectrum report having difficulty with. This post will share what exactly soft skills are and why we should focus on teaching and practicing them with autistic youth. This is also the introduction to a new Autism Grown Up series called the Soft Skills Series, which will be posts focused on soft skills in the workplace.

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Autism Awareness to Acceptance

Today’s blog post is relevant any time of the year, not just for April when it’s Autism Awareness Month! If you’ve spent any length of time in the autism community, you’ll relate to getting into discussions of what it actually means to have autism awareness. What we often wish is that we could instead or transform awareness into acceptance and understanding. In this post, I’ll share some ways that I think can support this type of transition.

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