Finding Your Autism Sibling Community [For Autism Siblings]


Autism siblings often have limited resources and support in a number of areas. To answer this issue, autism siblings can benefit from being a community or network, whether this is online or in person.

In this article, we'll primarily discuss the benefits of being in a network specifically for autism siblings in an online space, but most of these transcend to in person support groups and networks as well.

First, let's get into how being in a network allows us to connect with each other. It also helps us achieve what we at certain times believe is impossible to accomplish on our own.

Being in a community can help us reach our goals.

Some of us greatly benefit from being in a community and sharing our respective goals. The activity of sharing our goals can provide a sense of accountability. Whether that seems like a protective shield to ensure that we work towards achieving our goals or we feel a sense of obligation to ourselves and others.

Common goals to think about as an autism sibling include goals for ourselves, with our families, and/or our autistic siblings, like finding and securing housing for them.

Within the Autism Sibling Network and some other autism sibling-specific communities, the overall community goal is to support the autism sibling through their own goals too. A lot of their life involves thinking about their autistic siblings and families, so these spaces can help them fill their own cups before filling others'.

Being in a community can help us acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments.

Being an autism sibling can mean being engrossed and involved in the day-to-day tasks, activities, and events that we can tend to overlook milestones, steps forward, and accomplishments, especially our own.

Within an autism sibling community, you'll have immediate cheerleaders who know the hard work you put in everyday to ensure everything goes smoothly and to work towards these milestones.

It makes a difference to even just have the option or opportunity to problem solve with others who get it.

It can be difficult to vent and share common challenges with others outside of our families.

Therefore, being with others who are also autism siblings can give us a sense that they just "get it". They understand what you're doing everyday to support your autistic sibling, the funny moments, and the struggles.

Tara ReganComment