Your Place to Get Ideas, Info, and Inspiration [For Autism Siblings]


Within in the autism community, we don't have a lot of resources and supports at our disposal, especially so as an autism sibling.

We often rely on what's out there for professionals, parents, and caregivers to get ideas, information, and inspiration for resources and supports, online and locally.

In this blog article, we'll discuss ways that autism siblings can get ideas to support whatever their needs and goals are.

Autism siblings have a unique experience growing and therefore their own set of needs. Few autism resources center on supporting autism siblings, particularly as they grow up and become adults. As adults, they may be called upon even more so to support their autistic siblings and families, and may even become primary caregivers as their parents get older.

Like autism, being an autism sibling is a lifelong experience too. It doesn't just end in adulthood.

Limited Resources for Autism Siblings

Autism research and organizations rarely work with autism siblings and provide limited resources, support, and studies on their needs and experiences. For now, this is a huge gap for these research centers and organizations.

What’s Out There?

In the mean time, autism siblings can get access to existing resources to support their autistic sibling and family. However, to dig deeper into their perspective and get ideas to support their role, autism siblings can turn to local or online support groups or communities for autism siblings.

For local groups, I would suggest reaching out to local Autism Society or autism organization chapters to check to see if any are currently meeting on a regular basis. Or you may consider starting your own group and reach out to the local chapters to pass the world along about your group.

Online Resources for Autism Siblings

In terms of online community, the Autism Sibling Network has the goal of being the space for autism siblings to join, interact, and engage with each other. Being a member of a community such as this is a solid ground for planting, growing, and harvesting ideas for your role as an autism sibling. Not to mention that your experiences as an autism sibling can help others too!

The Autism Sibling Network provides resources and opportunities for you and so many other autism siblings to get ideas and support one another. These resources are for the day-to-day and planning ahead in order to help you along your journey as an autism sibling.

Think about the ways that help you get ideas - would being a member of an autism sibling community help?

Tara Regan