Connecting with Other Autism Siblings [For Autism Siblings]


Connecting with others online seems like a more naturally occurring experience these days. And in some cases, it's easier to connect with others online than in our local communities, depending on where we live. Being online can even connect people who live within the same local community too! This is especially so for autism families and autism siblings.

Why Online Communities Can Support Autism Siblings

Oftentimes there are not any or enough options for autism siblings to meet up in person through support groups, get-togethers, and other types of meet-ups. That's why online communities can be another option to meet this need for autism siblings.

Autism siblings who connect with other autism siblings online can meet others who "get it", gain a sense of community, fight off isolation, and more.

Imagine being able to turn to other autism siblings to get ideas, find unlimited inspiration, and through active discourse learn from each other.

Research on autism siblings shows that they have so many opportunities for social-emotional learning just by being an autism sibling. However, their unique experiences as an autism sibling can feel isolating at times, especially if they don't know of other autism or special needs siblings in their local community.

Therefore, having opportunities to meet with other autism siblings in a safe space online can promote connections, much-needed support, and even collaborations that couldn't happen otherwise. For example, autism siblings may discuss how they advocate for their autistic siblings in their community, how they self-advocate for space to take ownership of their own lives and professions, and what they do for their own self-care.

Community engagement can yield fresh, exciting ideas, innovations, and inspiration at home, in their work, and in their community with and for themselves, their autistic siblings, and their families.

Tara ReganComment