Finding Your Own Support While Being Supportive [For Autism Siblings]


When it comes to autism and adulthood, you'll rarely see these two topics in the same room together. In other words, there are limited resources, supports, and services when autistic people become adults. However, currently researchers, autism centers, and organizations are studying and creating these resources. Although they are hard at work, there is still an enormous need of supports in this area, especially for autism siblings as they support their autistic sibling into adulthood and beyond.

Like autism, being an autism sibling is a lifelong experience too. It doesn't just end in adulthood.

In this blog, we'll discuss one major way that autism siblings can get the support they need as they and their autistic sibling grow up and navigate adulthood.

Think about the ways that you get support as an autism sibling - maybe you lean on your family or local organizations? Or even look for resources online?

What about through joining an autism sibling community online?

Online autism sibling communities

An autism sibling community can be the space for you to get the support you need so you can support your autistic sibling and family. By interacting with other autism siblings who get it and share similar experiences (because they're an autism sibling too) and diverse experiences (because their experiences may be entirely different from yours, this is also a spectrum!), you can find what you need to not only support your autistic sibling and family, but also yourself.

Being an autism sibling does not have to be a solo activity. Unfortunately, it often is, and can feel like an isolating experience that no one else understands and cannot even begin to understand.

About the Autism Sibling Network

Autism Grown Up, which hosts the Autism Sibling Network, focuses on supporting autistic individuals, families, and professionals as they prepare and navigate adulthood, and the Autism Sibling Network is an extension of this work.

Learn more about how you can support your autistic sibling into and during adulthood as well as get ideas, information, and inspiration to support your day-to-day and life ahead.

And of course, within this community, you'll get to meet other autism siblings who are navigating this journey as well. To do this together can make being an autism sibling at this stage of your life more connected, fun, and make a difference.

Tara Regan