Job Prep Masters

Job Prep Masters


Job Prep Masters is a course for teens and adults on the autism spectrum to learn about, develop, and practice skills they will need to prepare and maintain a job - including a focus on soft skills.

The course is taught through video, visuals, and with an interactive component. There are many opportunities to individualize and collaborate with the instructor.

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Only about 20% of the autism adult population are employed.

Not to mention that out of this 20%, most are underemployed and/or in jobs that don’t match their interests & strengths.

Additionally, there are so many challenges for you in keeping your job.

But here’s the truth: It doesn’t have to be this way. You can find work you like and stay there.

It’s possible to go from being unemployed, to finding a job you love.

And it’s possible to find and keep your job in a workplace that supports you.

I’ll show you how.

By the end of this 6-module course, you’ll have:

  • 👨‍💼Roadmap to the Workplace: Know exactly what employers are looking for & how to use your strengths to your advantage.

  • 🔍What Career You Want: Crack the code on you and finally understand which jobs & careers you should go for.

  • ✏️A Stellar Resume: Learn the 4 ingredient formula for an amazing resume that has helped so many of my students.

  • 🗓Interview Prep: You’ve got the first interview, now what? Learn to get interview-ready and confident before the day.

  • 🎉The First Job You (Really Want): Seamlessly get the first job you really want.

  • 📚Essential Pillars of Job Success: A formula that’s simple to apply (including soft & interpersonal skills) to ensure your success and happiness on the job.

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I totally get it, you pragmatic person you.

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Tara Regan

Tara Regan

Hey, I’m Tara — I’m the founder of Autism Grown Up and the Instructor for this course!

For over 10 years I’ve been supporting teens and adults on the autism spectrum. From daily living skills to job prep to becoming their own self-advocate.

Doing the research is my superpower. Creating strategies and putting research to practice is my love language. And I can’t wait to teach you everything I know.

I live in Durham, NC where you can find me watching Great British Bake Off with my partner, FaceTiming with my family (I have two younger, but adult brothers on the autism spectrum), and online shopping for stationery.


MODULE 1: Career Assessment + Finding Your Work

  • LESSON 1: Completing a self-assessment

  • LESSON 2: Career matching

  • LESSON 3: Job trajectories

  • LESSON 4: What are soft skills?

MODULE 2: Job Search

  • LESSON 1: What does a job search look like?

  • LESSON 2: Where to start

  • LESSON 3: Online job search

  • LESSON 4: Common mistakes

  • LESSON 5: Creating a resume

  • LESSON 6: When to modify your resume

MODULE 3: Applying

  • LESSON 1: Preparing to apply for a job

  • LESSON 2: Setting up a LinkedIn account

  • LESSON 3: Setting up other job search engine accounts

  • LESSON 4: Job descriptions

  • LESSON 5: What to expect next

MODULE 4: Interviews

  • LESSON 1: Types of interviews

  • LESSON 2: How to prepare for an interview

  • LESSON 3: Practicing for a job interview

  • LESSON 4: Common mistakes + troubleshooting

  • LESSON 5: What to expect next

MODULE 5: Keeping the Job

  • LESSON 1: Setting you up for success

  • LESSON 2: The day-to-day basis

  • LESSON 3: Navigating the work environment

  • LESSON 4: Coping with stress

  • LESSON 5: Common mistakes + troubleshooting

MODULE 6: Staying True to You

  • LESSON 1: Finding a work environment that fits you

  • LESSON 2: Navigating self-disclosure

  • LESSON 3: Staying in touch with your interests

  • LESSON 4: Revisiting your career assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in this course?

I’m SO glad you asked! You get 6 modules, all in watch-when-you-want video library format. Every module has a worksheet to nail down the biggest concepts. Plus, you get access to a private community where I’ll hang out on the regular for questions, opportunities for individualization, deeper learning, & all the good stuff.

When does the course start & end?

You can take this course * whenever * you want! Module 1 will be released on Monday, January 7th. Every Monday for 6 weeks, a new module will be released. You can go as fast or slow as you like! All of the content will be in your library by February 11th, but you have forever access to the course.

Okay, but I need accountability. How do I know I’ll actually do the work?

I totally get it - and I’m a huge believer in accountability. I’ll be right with you online with a 6 week guided experience, including weekly Q&A and private community, January 7th-February 11th.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I’d never want you to be unhappy with your purchase. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact me in the first 14 days and I’ll give you a full refund.