Autism Biz Bootcamp

Autism Biz Bootcamp


The Autism Biz Bootcamp is a group coaching program for adults on the autism spectrum and/or their families that are interested or have started a business. This is a 3-month program ($197/month) focused on building a business that you love.

The program is taught through video, visuals, and with an interactive component. There are many opportunities to individualize and collaborate with the instructor.

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If you’re an aspiring autism entrepreneur, I’m willing to bet you’ve felt this way before:

  • Absolutely certain that you’re here to do something amazing for your and/or your child and get paid for it, all while working on your own schedule anywhere

  • In need of an experienced yet approachable guide to get your stuff straight and objectively point out what you can’t see

  • Craving a tight-knit network of like-minded, inspired people you can truly lean on for support, accountability, and friendship for the long haul

  • Like this is the moment — for real this time — no more messing around, it’s finally time to build a profitable business you believe in.

You’re more than ready to take action, you just need your next steps — and you’re so ready to make progress, for real this time.

In this 3 month accelerator experience, we’ll build a custom action plan for your big ideas — so you can really succeed.

Can I get an “amen” if you’ve caught yourself saying things like:

  • “If I can an action plan for me and my business, and if I knew exactly what steps to take next, I’d feel so ready to take it and run with it so I can really make progress.”

  • I need focus. I’ve been tinkering around with my idea for years, a never really following through. It’s time to do something differently”

  • “My business has so many moving parts and pieces. I need help nailing it all down, getting organized, and developing a clear strategy for the future.”

  • “I need accountability and a network of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs. I’d love to have a few business friends who truly get me, support me, and help me get unstuck.”

  • “I’m wary about working with some marketing guru or ‘expert’. I want someone approachable who I can trust, who can clearly cut to the chase.”

It’s possible to build a real business that feels highly connected to your purpose, WITHOUT chasing your tail or selling your soul. I’ll show you how.

Here’s the 5 ingredient recipe that makes this 6 month program absolutely delicious (and effective):

  • Coaching: You receive THREE 1:1 coaching sessions throughout the course of the program — one at the beginning, middle, & end.

  • Community: Group coaching calls every other week, plus a private community for around-the-clock advice, accountability, & friendship.

  • Coursework: Short, actionable videos every other week with a corresponding exercise to deepen your understanding of what makes a business tick, fast-tracking your progress.

  • Weekly prompts & homework to focus on your next steps and tick things off the list, one by bone (under the guidance of an expert who gets you).

  • Recordings of all the coaching sessions, yours to keep.

Here’s What You Get:

☑️ Guided Business Goals & Objectives Exercise

☑️ (3) 1:1 Business Coaching Calls

☑️ (6) Mastermind Group Coaching Calls

☑️ (6) Bite-Sized Business Building Lessons + Action Plan

☑️ Weekly homework, action steps & advice

☑️ Private small community with your peers + your coach (that’s me!)

☑️ Recordings of all the coaching sessions & courses, yours to keep

Oh hey, have we met?

I’m Tara Regan — founder of Autism Grown Up. I’ve got over 10 years of experience supporting teens and adults on the autism spectrum. From daily living skills to job prep to becoming their own self-advocate. I also have my Ph.D. in Education and have been coaching and training parents, teachers, future service providers, & job coaches.

Basically, teaching, coaching, and communicating is what I love to do.

Here is the place where I am melding my autism experience with supporting autistic entrepreneurs & families who want to create an autism-focused business around their child.

I’m not some guru or marketing goddess. I’m right here in the trenches with you, happy to walk next to you, and spill everything I’ve learned. (I’m also in the process of starting a business with my two younger brothers on the autism spectrum.) So are you ready to jump in?


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in this program?

I’m SO glad you asked! You get biweekly assignments, group coaching calls, and 2 individual coaching calls with me. Plus, you get access to a private community where I’ll hang out on the regular for questions, opportunities for individualization, deeper learning, & all the good stuff.

When does the program start & end?

This program begins on Wednesday January 9th and will finish on April 10th. All of the content and recordings will be stored in a private shared folder online that you can access after the program ends.

Okay, but I need accountability. How do I know I’ll actually do the work?

I totally get it - and I’m a huge believer in accountability. I’ll be right with you online with a 3 month guided experience, including weekly Q&A and private community, January 9th-April 10th.

What if I am unhappy with the program?

I’d never want you to be unhappy with your purchase. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact me in the first 14 days and I’ll give you a full refund.