Autism Social Story | Being a Good Listener

Autism Social Story | Being a Good Listener


Interested in using social stories for older students on the autism spectrum? This is a social story about being a good listener that you can use with at least older elementary-aged to high school students. It has age appropriate visuals, too! It includes several levels of modifications so you can implement with any and all of the students in your classroom.

A social story is a description of a social situation used to help learners on the autism spectrum. The story describes the situation and then provides a directive of the appropriate response. This social story is written to direct your student towards the positive and appropriate behavior for the situation. Print out (modify as needed) this mini story and read with your student before the event or read on a regular basis.

Social stories are an effective and easy to use intervention to use with a variety of behaviors, activities, and skills. They fall under social narratives as an evidence-based practice for learners on the autism spectrum. This social story is written according to the research standards.

What's Included?

  • PDF version

  • Editable social story in Powerpoint

  • Quick tips & guide to using this social story

Social Story Modifications:

  • Full story version

  • Story with icon visuals

  • Story with photo visuals

  • Storybook with icon visuals (6 pages)

  • Checklist (can insert your own images as well)

  • Blank template

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