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Hey, I’m Dr. Tara Regan.

I’m an educator + researcher + autism sibling and I believe that there’s so much we need to do to when it comes to autism in adulthood.

As our kids on the autism spectrum grow up, it is important to plan ahead and take action to support them as adults with fulfilling and meaningful lives.

So my mission is simple: I am here to make growing up easier and accessible.

My online course, Autism Grown Up, starts right at the very beginning. So even if your child is 3, you can do it! I’ve broken down the process of building navigating growing up into small, easy-to-follow steps and guide you through everything you need to know to create the path that works for you, your family, and your students - with tons of support from me!

So far, I’ve helped hundreds of families and professionals from all over the globe learn about autism + growing up with my simple, step-by-step system.

I've been an autism professional for over 10 years working in education, special education, social work, and in non-profit organizations. I’ve taught courses on autism and families as well as lectures and workshops on transition to adulthood + adulthood topics. I also have two brothers who are on the autism spectrum, Tyler (who is 27) and Tanner (who is 19).

As part of my mission, I also post new podcast episodes every single week as well as blogs all about autism + growing up, adulthood, & autism community.

Ready to get started?